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EXHIBITION RUN 7 December 2017 – 4 March 2018 Closing reception 4 March 2018 l 11am – 2pm RSVP by emailing mcad@benilde.edu.ph Featuring works from: James Beckett, Hrair Sarkissian, Amie Siegel, Eugenio Tibaldi Urban environments as perceived centers are showing signs of implosion and the edges are starting to fray. Flatlands ascribes the idea of flatness to the […]

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Internship/Volunteer Opportunities

We’re putting together a new team of interns and volunteers who can work with us towards our next exhibition and 10th Year Anniversary programs. We have so many exciting things lined up for the year, let’s make them happen! Want more information or have any questions for us? Call us at 230 51 00 loc. […]

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MCAD is hiring: Project Manager

MCAD is looking for a project manager who will work closely with its curatorial team for an upcoming exhibition. Responsibilities include, but not limited to:   Report for duty, at least forty (40) hours a week.  Flexibility is necessary. Create and implement a timeline for all activities and preparations required for completion of the project. Execute […]

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A Discussion on the Ethics of Memory

The past and post-scarcity data overload present challenges in terms of defining  the right to be forgotten and implications on human need for community and to be remembered in the digital age. The preservation of memories and their accessibility allow their tracing, interpretation, narrativization and circulation. There is an accountability implied in such processes and indicate what is valued at a particular period […]

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